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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #58

Hannah Samendinger | October 10, 2017
2 min read

Check out our latest episode of Alt Trademarks. I spoke with Erik Pelton about his unique practice, being an examiner, and mentoring young attorneys. Check out the episode here (be sure to check out his new website too).

Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle

– The Zappa siblings are involved in an ongoing trademark battle, which Dweezil has outlined in a lengthy personal blog post.

– Australian cannabis companies are dealing with IP difficulties similar to those of US cannabis companies. This post compares the jurisdictions and the options for seeking protection through Plant Breeder’s Rights, patents, and The Open Cannabis Project.

– Music publishers are attempting to build a single song database containing more than 20 million songs and impacting digital licensing.

The Big Leagues

– Allergan, a pharmaceutical company, is under scrutiny for a patent deal with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe.

– In response to that deal, a senator has proposed a bill to end “sovereign immunity” for patents, which led to this article on how racism is fueling a pharma scandal over a billion dollar patent.

– In the EU, several parties are attempting to scale back protections, including patent protections, on pharma companies.

– Someone forgot to renew their trademark.

On the Horizon

– On Friday, the 9th Circuit heard oral arguments in the appeal of the “Blurred Lines” lawsuit, from a lawyer who has now been dubbed the “music industry’s most feared lawyer.”

– How can you protect IP in the Internet of Things?

– Jeff Koons has created augmented reality artwork, which is displayed on Snapchat. It has already been vandalized.

Odds and Ends

– America’s favorite pump-up jam has a sad backstory, including a decades-long legal battle.

– A debate over genericism raises the question: France Has ‘Champagne.’ Portugal Has ‘Port.’ Should Australia Have ‘Uggs’?

– The EU released a set of trademark reforms effective October 1.

– Sweden held that copyright infringement should not necessarily be punished with jail time.

– Audrey Hepburn’s son sued the children’s charity he founded over the use of her name.

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