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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #57

Hannah Samendinger | October 05, 2017
2 min read

New Alt Trademarks episode alert! This episode I spoke with Erik Pelton about his unique practice, being an examiner, and mentoring young attorneys. Check out the episode here (be sure to check out his new website, too).

Nice Outfit

– Levi’s is suing Vineyard Vines over a tab with a small image of a whale on the back pocket of their jeans.

– Chanel’s logo resulted in the cancellation of a registration for an “interlocking figurative design.”

– The Supreme Court denied Louis Vuitton’s appeal to hear their case over parody tote bags.

– Just in time for Halloween, there is a copyright infringement lawsuit over banana costumes.

The Big Game

– Some people are already beginning to prepare for the next Superbowl, but they should be careful when it comes to IP.

– Pepsi was unsuccessful in their attempt to get a lawsuit over their 2016 Superbowl ad dismissed.

– More than 22 years after filing, an application to register the Boston Redskins logo was approved.

Outside the US

– Will Singapore be the next intellectual property hub?

– China launched a four-month campaign to try to better protect foreign intellectual property rights.

– The breadth of a PTO ethics opinion could changes how US attorneys interact with foreign counsel.

– A Korean boy band is in hot water over similarities between their song and a Chainsmokers & Coldplay song.

Odds and Ends

– A three-Michelin-starred restaurant is suing two former employees, who have started their own restaurant, for theft of trade secrets, amongst other violations.

– If you need a quick distraction, this Twitter account’s list of bizarre laws and crimes is a great choice.

– A man is claiming his therapist stole his idea for a dating app.

– For anyone in California, we will be heading to Long Beach for the ABAIPL’s IP West Conference on October 11th. Come join us! More info here.

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