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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #5

Hannah Samendinger | September 20, 2016
2 min read

We are hosting a webinar with John Lee, a Canadian IP attorney, and Clio on October 5th at 1pm EST. John will be discussing Canadian trademark law, strategies for US trademark filers, and how he uses technology in his practice. You can find more information, including the how to attend, here.

Well, I’ve Seen Stranger Things

– The Netflix series Stranger Things received a lot of positive attention for its spot on 80s references. A central part of the series is the game Dungeons and Dragons. The show presumably led to them filing this trademark, a year before the show aired. That brings their portfolio to an impressive 150+ live marks. (See them here by searching (Wizards AND Coast)[ON] AND (live)[LD])

– Soon you may be able to soak up 80s TV nostalgia on the big screen… in your driverless car.

– Apple has a patent that will send your phone, or at least its camera, back to the 80s (only while you’re in the movie theater).

Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ IP Disputes

– Two particularly controversial trademark owners have formed an alliance.

– The company bearing the name of the “Man Who Brought the Beatles to America” is suing for the rights to their Shea Stadium show.

– Songwriters are suing the Justice Department, seeking a change in the royalty structure.

Copyrights, They’re a Changin’

– An Indian Court wrote a particularly quotable opinion on photocopying textbooks, stating, “Copyright, specially in literary works, is thus not an inevitable, divine, or natural right that confers on authors the absolute ownership of their creations.”

– The EU faced immediate pushback for being regressive after proposing changes to their copyright rules.

– An Australian Productivity Committee is recommending lowering the copyright duration from 70 years to as little as 15, and authors aren’t happy.

Odds and Ends

– In New York on September 22nd? We are hosting an attorney meetup and would love if you’d join us. Find more info here.

– In perhaps the sweetest legal news of the week, a 75 year old is awaiting his bar results so he can begin serving those who can’t afford legal services.

– The EU ruled that WiFi hotspot operators aren’t liable for infringement done on their hotspot but they may need to take names before providing access.

– HP acquired Samsung’s printer segment, including its 6,500 patents, for a cool $1.05 billion.

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