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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #47

Hannah Samendinger | July 25, 2017
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Alt Trademarks is back! Listen to our interview with Ryan Morrison of Morrison Lee. We talk video games and Reddit AMAs. Check out the episode here.

Would You Look at That

– Are tattoos copies? And if so, should a copy on a human body be excluded from protection under the Copyright Act?

– In the case concerning modified Instagram posts, Richard Prince’s motion to dismiss on fair use grounds was denied.

– A new company, Brandless, is offering an array of products for $3. They are also attempting to get trademark protection for their minimalist packaging. See the most minimal of the applications here.

Secret Weapons

– Microsoft is using trademark law to wage a quiet battle against a hacking entity, Fancy Bear.

– Could one salesman who works from home bring patent battles back to East Texas?

– Soon you might be able to secretly call 911 using your fingerprint.

Hey, Give That Back!

– The global black market for knock off designer chairs is worth trillions of dollars.

– An Ontario rapper is accusing Coca-Cola of stealing his catchphrase for their bottle packaging.

– Mara Hoffman is suing Forever 21, again, for infringing on her copyright protecting a fabric print.

– Counterfeiters are using brand codewords to dodge the filters set up to identify fake goods.

Odds and Ends

– A former patent examiner and his Alexandria company filed trademark applications for the swastika and racial slurs, claiming those protections will help them push back against bigots.

– Is the N64 making a comeback? A recently filed trademark application is giving some gamers hope.

– Some companies send cease-and-desist letters to fans using their trademarks, others send sandwiches and puppies, even when their fans are nihilists.

– Spotify is being sued for improperly licensing song compositions.

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