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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #41

Hannah Samendinger | June 06, 2017
2 min read

So Sweet

– Dunkin’ doesn’t want the North runnin’ on anything but their coffee.

– The gummy bear uprising is a sticky topic.

– Mister Softee is a staple of NYC streets in the summer. They are also the center of an unbelievably heated turf war, including trademark disputes.

Step into My Office

– Five of the largest IP offices in the world are pledging additional resources to patent harmonization.

– Following the recent Supreme Court ruling, the number of patent cases being brought in East Texas is set to decline, so the town of Marshall, Texas might be facing some big changes.

– What effect has the patent troll rhetoric had on the patent system?

– Ivanka Trump is seeking additional trademark protections in China.

– We collaborated with World Trademark Review to rank the most innovative IP offices in the world. Check out the complete article here.

Are You a Bot?

– Ticketmaster is being sued over patents for technology to suss out bots from humans, or ReCAPTCHA.

– A company has a new strategy for repelling infringement lawsuits: bounty hunting.

– Disney has filed a patent application for a humanoid robot. Is Westworld coming to the real world?

– The TV show Silicon Valley took on patent trolls.

Odds and Ends

– Wyndham just launched a new brand, Trademark.

– Two high schoolers have filed a patent application for a robotics surgery innovation. Kids these days!

– Here is an interesting read on the niche area of trademark disputes involving squatting vis-a-vis translations of descriptive words.

– At last! Drones might soon be parachuting your deliveries to you.

– As with almost any trending phrase, individuals are filing applications to trademark covefefe variations, including one Swedish man who is claiming he now has rights across Europe.

– INTA update: Guests can now get refunds for grand finale tickets.

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