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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #32

Hannah Samendinger | April 04, 2017
2 min read

You can now subscribe to our podcast, Alt Trademarks, on iTunes and Google Play. Our latest episode features Jenny Odegard and Nakia Hansen of Odegard Law in Brooklyn, NY. We discuss designing a practice for creative clients and the legal challenges facing influencers.

The Silver Screen

– The Terminator is destroying Hollywood copyright grants. Well, sort of.

– Adult Swim has been hit with an unholy $75 million lawsuit over its Black Jesus series.

– As we mentioned in our last newsletter, there have been some developments at the Copyright Office (1 and 2). Some say it’s about time! Or will the changes just give Hollywood more power?

 The Latest in Court

– Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Tam: The Oddball Consequences of In re Tam.

– This filing in a libel lawsuit against Buzzfeed takes a title writing move right out of the Buzzfeed playbook.

– Interested in reading the Georgia state laws? Doing so will cost you a hefty sum. One man is now subject to a copyright infringement lawsuit after attempting to make them freely accessible.

– The co-chair of an investment fund had some choice words for their attorney at Morgan Lewis who also represents Trump.

C Countries

– We recently collaborated with World Trademark Review to identify the most innovative IP offices. Chile responded to the article, providing more insight into how they are innovating. New Zealand, which was ranked as the most innovative office in the world, also commented on the results.

– A Chinese court sided with Apple in a suit over the iPhone design.

– China is also likely to collaborate with Pakistan to protect IP rights.

Odds and Ends

– A brewery and a pub are looking to reform trademark practices through a recent dispute.

– Dyson just relinquished some patents for battery and electric cars, which were core to their $90 million super secret battery startup.

– A Maryland-based IP attorney has launched an ethics practice, representing IP attorneys before the USPTO.

– A restaurant owns a trademark registration for Taco Tuesday and they aren’t afraid [to threaten] to sue.

– Today is Equal Pay Day, which is a good time to reflect on the 44% pay gap between female and male law partners and the fact that Trump just rolled back some important fair pay measures.

– Coming to the ABAIPL Spring Conference? Make sure to stop by and see us at our booth!

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