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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #31

Hannah Samendinger | March 28, 2017
2 min read

You can now subscribe to our podcast, Alt Trademarks, on iTunes and Google Play. Our latest episode features Jenny Odegard and Nakia Hansen of Odegard Law in Brooklyn, NY. We discuss designing a practice for creative clients and the legal challenges facing influencers.

High-Stakes Patents

– The Supreme Court heard opening arguments in TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC this week.  As one writer wonders, is this the case that will bring sanity to patent law?

– Apple is really taking compatibility to another level with these plans to allow you to insert your iPhone into your MacBook. They also have plans that will force you to stop texting and driving.

– A U.K. drug patent that generated $2.6 billion last year was just lost on a patent extension.

– The Coalition for Affordable Drugs is using inter partes review and the stock market in a series of high-stakes patent challenges.

 The Hollywood Crowd

– Jared Kushner’s real estate company built an ad campaign on some trademarked phrases.

– Well, a famous DJ is trying to cancel a trademark in order to protect his cat’s brand.

– California is upgrading their system for searching deceased celebrities’ IP filings.

– Zootopia is facing a claim that the movie ripped off the author of Total Recall.

– Jimi Hendrix died almost 37 years ago. His family has been suing each other for the better part of those years.

-Trump claims that the Constitution bars a defamation suit being brought by an Apprentice star, which was an issue not decided by the Supreme Court in Bill Clinton v. Paula Jones.

Just a Drink…

– Hungary is considering banning Heineken’s red star trademark because of similarities to the Communist star.

– Trump’s trademarks have been a point of controversy, but some aren’t getting much use, like his casino trademark in Jordan (where gambling is illegal).

– Bud Light’s Superbowl commercial featuring the ghost of beloved mascot Spuds MacKenzie has landed them in court.

– Speaking of drinks, we’ll be at INTA 2017 in Barcelona in May. If you’ll be there, be sure to let us know and check out our guide to all things Barcelona & INTA.

Odds and Ends

– US soccer just had a trademark victory, likely aided by the specimens their opponents chose to submit.

– In case you missed it: the Supreme Court sounded off on the copyrightability of a cheerleading uniform. But what are the implications beyond the cheer team, for products like 3D printing?

– Last week, the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act was introduced, which would make important changes to how the head of the Copyright Office is selected. Interested in being Assistant General Counsel at the Copyright Office? They’re hiring. And lastly, a new Copyright Office website is on the horizon.

– The news is fake but the trademarks are real.

– Could a redesigned courtroom make the justice system more just?

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