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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #3

Hannah Samendinger | September 06, 2016
2 min read

The Future is Now: IP & Tech

– Augmented reality (AR) has recently exploded into the tech space with the release of Pokemon Go. AR poses some interesting IP and cybersecurity questions, highlighted here.

– Is there a bitcoin patent in our near future?

– Google’s newest patent dispute hinges on the definition of “web browser process” and they’d like the Supreme Court to step in to sort it out.

–  Edible Arrangements filed a trademark infringement suit against one of their main competitors. The content at issue? Internet keyword search advertising.

Sneakers, Pills, and Millions

– Ford, Pfizer, Lockheed, Nike. Which of these companies has the most patents? Hint: One of their patents is for self-lacing sneakers, an homage to Back to the Future Part II.

– A designer was sued for copyright infringement and unfair competition in New York for using pharmaceutical pill shapes in his designs.

– Retailer ASOS just paid £20 million to settle trademark disputes over its name.

Patents Aplenty

– In advance of the iPhone 7 release, an Apple patent for noise canceling headphones and “AirPods” has been published. Now they just need to patent a method for not losing them.

– Airbus is seeking to patent a vertical takeoff aircraft.

– Muggles rejoice! Universal filed a patent for an interactive ride that would let riders use wands to choose their own adventure.

– IP Watchdog looked into the truth behind PTO statistics.

– The USPTO is hosting a roundtable to discuss how to better utilize electronic resources in the patent process. The deadline to present at the roundtable is next week, with registration closing the week after. You can find more information here.

Odds and Ends

– Canadian beer company Moosehead triumphed over the maker of Moose Wizz soda in a Moose themed trademark dispute.

– The University of Texas is not happy about a Hook ‘Em doughnut, claiming it is a violation of their Longhorn trademarks.

–  In an act of accidental self-censorship, Warner Brothers filed a  takedown request for copyright infringement against their own site, as well as IMDB and Amazon.

– World Trademark Review delved into an entertainment tycoon’s truly expansive portfolioof trademarks and applications.

– Based in New York? We are hosting an attorney meetup on September 22nd in NYC and would love if you’d join us. Find more info here.

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