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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #252

Bri Van Til | August 10, 2021
2 min read

Including You

How can attorneys make progress with diversity and inclusion?

In honor of International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples yesterday, here is a great article about indigenous peoples, cultural appropriation, and IP. And read all about Canada’s Indigenous IP program grant here.

Several top tech companies have pledged to increase inventor diversity and inclusion.

GitHub is offering free legal help for open-source developers facing DMCA issues.

Mentorship is a great way to promote inclusion at your firm, and it’s critical for helping the next generation of lawyers be successful. Sign up for this Alt Legal Connect workshop to learn how to create a mentorship program for your firm!

What They’re U(S)P…TO

Guess who just filed for trademark protection for their name?

In case you missed John Miranda’s webinar about TESS search strategies last week, check out the recording here.

For more TESS search tips, watch the recording of Ed Timberlake’s webinar from earlier this year, and if you’re looking for some practice searching TESS, make sure to sign up for Ed Timberlake’s workshop at Alt Legal Connect!

In case you haven’t heard: the USPTO is sending representatives to Alt Legal Connect to explain key changes to trademark law, including the TMA and answer questions submitted in advance.


We are really excited to bring hands-on workshops to Alt Legal Connect this year. If you’re already registered for the conference, check your email from yesterday to sign up for workshops. If you aren’t registered yet, sign up now, and use the code “newsletter” for a discount.

Whether on your firm website, your LinkedIn page, or a conference page, you need an appropriate bio for every occasion, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Learn how to write great bios in this workshop.

What do you do when your clients don’t pay? Join this great workshop to come up with a collection plan that fits your firm.

Clio’s team will guide you through creating and perfecting your client journey and through setting up your firm’s Google My Business profile.

Alt Legal’s VP of Marketing will help you create a marketing plan for your firm, and join yours truly to learn best practices for trademark status update templates.

Professional Concerns

Looking to Jazz up your résumé? Consider applying to be IP counsel for this pharmaceutical company.

I wonder if there will be a Flooid of applicants applying to be corporate counsel here.

Being counsel at this sports and entertainment company would likely be a Monumental change.

There’s seemingly nothing cunning about this position as legal counsel for Wiley.

I bet IP counsel at Owens Corning really knows how to dish out the cease and desist orders.

Will you write your current employer a Dear John letter if you get this job as hardware, software, and connectivity counsel for John Deere?

Can you afFord to ignore this opening for an IP attorney?

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Apparently the Olympics set records (for pirating).

Where is the balance between Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) rights and NFTs?

Here’s a handy, detailed guide to how musicians can earn more money from their recordings.

Are baseball signs between a pitcher and a catcher protectable trade secrets?

A Disney employee was just granted his 100th patent, a first for the entertainment giant.

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