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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #251

Bri Van Til | August 03, 2021
2 min read

Get that Copy Right

If you create the newest TikTok dance sensation, should your next move be to register a copyright for it?

Urheberrechts-Diensteanbieter-Gesetz (the Copyright Service Provider Act, obviously!) went into effect in Germany starting this past Sunday.

GitHub is offering free legal help for open-source developers facing DMCA issues.

Recent cases have really highlighted the significance of copyright termination.

On the Road Again

GM and Ford are clashing (but notably not crashing) over the use of the word Cruise in their trademarks. I guess you could say they’re fighting for cruise control.

Does the Slants case set precedent that can be applied to the restriction of certain vanity license plates?

An Apple patent suggests the tech giant is driven to make car keys.

Some think Mazda’s new logo looks a lot like the Spirit R logo from the Japanese-spec RX-7. Maybe they just really wanted to get into the spirit of things.

Indulge Me

Gorgonzola, which is a geographic indicator in the EU, has UDRP issues. Does the battle make cheese manufacturers blue?

Did Putin really sign a law that forbade the French from labeling their products as Champagne when selling them in Russia?

Constellation’s attorneys proved themselves to be stars when they won over two million dollars in attorney’s fees in their latest trademark battle.

The gold tone of Lindt’s chocolate bunnies has been granted trademark protection in Germany.

Professional Concerns

Navigate to this site to apply to be corporate counsel at Garmin.

This general counsel position may be at Hologram, but it appears to be real. Wait, don’t they all?

If you’re looking for a place to be an IP associate, the Buc(hanan Ingersoll & Rooney) stops here.

This is the Truist place you can go to be IP counsel.

If you’re Rethinking your current job, consider being general counsel here instead.

National Women’s Law Center—which is an organization, not a sports arena—is looking for deputy general counsel.

This position as marketing and trademarks counsel at Microsoft could open doors (and Windows) for you.

Check it out: the Library of Congress is looking for general counsel.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Where is the line between licensing and franchising, and why does it matter?

The Cleveland Guardians may have a battle for the name: a roller derby team has applied for the trademark as well.

Australia has issued the world’s first AI-invented patent.

Here’s a lovely feel-good story for you: an attorney gifted a young skateboarder with trademark rights to her nickname.

Speaking of feel-good things, check out Step 1-2-3’s STEM summer camp for kids, including a full day devoted to trademarks!

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