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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #250

Bri Van Til | July 27, 2021
2 min read


What does Arthrex tell us about the constitutionality of the CASE Act?

Do copyright filters prevent legal speech? Here’s an analysis of the use of music to prevent videos from being posted and shared.

This case serves as a reminder that you need to make sure you’re using a mark before you sue someone for infringing it.

Update: The FTC has unanimously voted that consumers have the right to repair their gadgets.

Is It the Reebok or the Nike?

Nike is suing Drip Creationz for selling altered versions of allegedly counterfeit Nike products.

Adidas and its subsidiary Reebok are suing dozens of sites for allegedly selling counterfeit shoes and for cybersquatting.

What a Croc!” said the shoe company to 21 retailers selling knockoffs.

This has nothing to do with trademarks, but if you haven’t watched this video from several years ago, you’re missing out. I guess you could say the caller had likelihood of confusion about the song lyrics?


The war of the Rose Bowls has ended.

To demonstrate their confidence about winning Game 6 of the NBA Finals, the Milwaukee Bucks filed a trademark application for BUCKS IN SIX before they won the game.

Here’s an explanation of why the Olympics are called the “Tokyo 2020” games.

Cleveland’s MLB team has selected the Guardians as its new team name.

Professional Concerns

This unnamed Government Contractor is looking for a trademark attorney. So mysterious. So exciting!

I’m sure you want to hear everything about this position as transactions counsel at Panasonic.

Springer Nature—which of course is unfair to associate with Jerry Springer, but now I’m imagining the staff throwing chairs at each other over the results of their paternity tests—is looking for senior counsel.

It might be catastrophic if you don’t apply to be general counsel at Whisker. Why do I say that? Just be claws.

GOAT this site and apply to be corporate counsel. I’m not kidding.

Thomson Reuters has an open role for an Attorney Editor. I’m just curious what edits they’re going to make.

Looking for a worthwhile cause to aid? Apply to be legal counsel to International AIDS Vaccine.

This associate general counsel position with American Urological Association isn’t IP focused, but I guess the organization does help UP.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

The General Court of the EU has ruled that French cosmetics company Guerlain’s lipstick shape is distinctive and should be registrable as a trademark.

Might Millennial attorneys change the face of lawyering?

The US IP Alliance and Berkeley are putting on a virtual conference this week about increasing diversity in innovation. Check it out!

This veterinarian’s patent makes use of the maxim: Waste not, want not.

An Israeli NGO is vying for Ben & Jerry’s trademarks to use to produce similar ice cream since the company is boycotting the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

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