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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #23

Hannah Samendinger | January 31, 2017
2 min read

You can now subscribe to our podcast, Alt Trademarks, on iTunes and Google Play. Our latest episode features Radiance Harris of Radiance IP Law in Washington DC. We discuss hashtag trademarks and tips for introverted attorneys.

Pick Your Vice

– “The details are a bit hazy” but a patent application reveals that Apple is venturing into the vape market.

– Jose Cuervo launched an unsuccessful campaign to block a wine trademark in South Africa.

– Washington just saw its first state level trademark infringement lawsuit over cannabis trademarks, which rely heavily on state level protection.

– More craft breweries mean more craft beer trademark infringement lawsuits. The latest is over a variety of hard root beer.

The End

– Is PTAB holding weapons of mass destruction?

– Apparently the richest people in Silicon Valley are preparing for the apocalypse. Thispatent reveals that some inventors might have similar ideas.

– Frito-Lay has really outdone themselves with their latest product, which provides you with an answer before you even utilize the tech. Frito-Lay has many patents and some highlights include expanded nuts, a sustainable way to deal with citrus peels, and ridges!

The Man in the White House

– An insurance company in South Carolina is looking to capitalize on Trump’s promises to gut the Affordable Care Act by filing for a “Trumpcare” trademark.”

– Later today, Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee. Where do each of the nominees stand on IP?

– The Copyright Alliance is wasting no time lobbying Trump. At least one author believes that their wishes are dangerous.

Odds and Ends

– A New Delhi court rejected Ikea’s claims that the phonetically similar Aikya infringed on their trademark.

– Our CEO, Nehal Madhani, was featured in Above the Law after winning the Innovation Awards.

– A member of the Persuasions is taking an interesting approach in his lawsuit against Apple for the use of his voice in a new commercial.

– Forever 21 has instigated an ironic lawsuit.

– Lawyers showed up (in amazing numbers).

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