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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #226

Bri Van Til | February 10, 2021
2 min read


Read all about how the Trademark Modernization Act will impact your practice, and don’t forget to join us this Thursday to hear details of the TMA’s most important provisions.

One thing you’ll learn about in this week’s webinar is combatting trademark squatting in the US. For more about combatting it in China, check out this article.

Will these low-cost trademark services create more of the sorts of clutter that the TMA is seeking to combat?

Not to be out-modernized, the Library of Congress is putting together a Copyright Modernization committee.


How can your team or your clients identify when there’s theft in the supply chain?

Show your love for your profession or for the person who stole your heart. Purchase this t-shirt and help out the Playing Field Project.

A Mizzou grad has alleged that his professor stole and profited from his invention.

Bowls (Both Super and Not Super)

Media startup Punchbowl got hit with a trademark infringement suit.

The Superb Owl led to lots of counterfeit merchandise.

Who should own the ROSE BOWL trademarks? Apparently it’s a thorny issue.

Do you need to tread carefully when talking about the big game?

Professional Concerns

BP—which kind of sounds like an onomatopoeia when you think about it—is looking for digital and privacy counsel.

Pillsbury Law (hoo hoo) has a poppin’ fresh opening for a litigation associate.

Maybe if you become the corporate counsel at Caterpillar, you can help the company become a butterfly.

Visa: it’s everywhere you want to be employed as patent counsel.

Here’s one way to make it to the Hall of Fame: be their assistant general counsel.

User Interviews (that’s the company’s name, not the job description) is looking for legal counsel.

Come put your trademark searching skills to the TESS. Join us for our webinar later this month where former USPTO trademark examiner Ed Timberlake will talk you through this powerful but intimidating database.

Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

Evermore Park is suing Taylor Swift for alleged infringement of their EVERMORE trademark. The Utah theme park cites a 330% increase in web traffic and claims that visitors ask if the park is associated with the artist or her album, Evermore.

Update: the Supreme Court is not going to hear the copyright infringement case about the characters from Inside Out.

The US Navy has filed a patent for technology to “engineer the fabric of reality.” Is it as comfortable as the fabric used to make the yoga pants we’ve all been wearing since March?

How might emphasizing civility impact legal practice?

Apparently one doesn’t necessarily need to be a lawyer to practice law in Arizona.

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