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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #213

Bri Van Til | November 04, 2020
2 min read


– Facing opposition from the WWE, Cody Rhodes has abandoned his trademark applications for SLAMBOREE and THE MATCH BEYOND.

– WWE IP counsel Lauren Dienes-Middlen says the biggest IP threats WWE faces are counterfeit products and piracy.

The WWE wants to own the past, present, and future. Or at least “THEN, NOW, FOREVER.”

Election Day Is Here!

Does the Commissioner of Patents need to be appointed by the president? Might the findings in Arthrex affect that?

The USPTO faced backlash for appearing partisan after social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn credited President Trump’s leadership for the US’s top IP ranking.

How might the election affect pharmaceutical companies, including their patent rights?

– Have you heard that there’s an election today? It’s kind of a big deal. Please go vote!

A Harrowing Halloween?

What rights do deceased celebrities have to their images, names, and likenesses?

– Here are some patented costumes for your pet. If you take a photo and use it to identify your brand, maybe you can file for a tradebark, too.

Professional Concerns

– This company may have hiring communications counsel down to an Exact Science, and I bet you could save money if you were Walmart‘s senior trademark counsel.

The Center for Reproductive Rights is seeking associate general counsel. You may have been in IP too long if that listing made you think of copyright disputes.

– Grab your Penn and make a note to apply to be executive director of IP at this prestigious Ivy League university.

Baker McKenzie, which sadly does not make brownies, is looking for an IP tech attorney.

– Going to the INTA Annual/Leadership Meeting? Here’s a webinar about how to get the most out of it!

– Curious about USPTO rules surrounding ethics, representation, and signatures? Check out this USPTO webinar next week.

– Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

– Don’t forget to join Alt Legal and Seth Gardenswartz on Thursday to learn the bitter truth about trademarks for craft breweries. And join us afterwards for a hoppin’ fun happy hour. I can beerly wait!

Is the US patent system inherently racist?

– What should you do during initial consultations? Check out this handy list. Want more suggestions for creating a meaningful intake process? Check out this past webinar!

Restaurants owners are suing Grubhub for allegedly listing them without their permission. They claim as many as 150,000 restaurants are affected by the practice.

– After COVID-19 hit, there was a spike in trademark applications from surprising groups. See our recap of the first half of last week’s TPAC.

– We had a wonderful time at Alt Legal Connect, and we hope you did, too! You can find recaps of sessions here, and we’ll send out information about accessing recordings soon.

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