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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #204

Bri Van Til | September 02, 2020
2 min read

Diversity and Inclusion

– How can you promote diversity and inclusion at your firm or in your IP department?

– Calling all lawyer moms: this virtual event was created just for you.

– Diversity is complicated, and it’s crucial. Join us at Alt Legal Connect to hear Above the Law founder David Lat discuss how we do and should define diversity. Use the code “newsletter” for a discount.

– Famed rapper Master P is starting a food brand, Uncle P’s, which includes products to replace Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima.

The Trump Card

– YouTube blocked the audio on a a portion of President Trump’s live-streamed acceptance speech at the RNC because of alleged copyright infringement, but it’s unclear what was infringed.

– President Trump’s campaign may have filed a trademark application for “KEEP AMERICA GREAT,” but it seems they didn’t purchase the corresponding domain, so the Joe Biden campaign snatched up

– The RNC allegedly requested and was denied permission to play “Hallelujah” at the convention, but two versions of the song were played there, so now Leonard Cohen’s estate is considering legal action.

– President Trump is far from the first presidential candidate to allegedly use a song without the artist’s permission. The practice apparently dates back to at least the ’30s.


– Miel means “honey” in Spanish, so a Chilean entrepreneur named her honey company Miel Gibson, but it landed her in a sticky situation. Will she taste sweet success? Comb through the details to find out!

– What can we learn about trademarking strategy from looking at celebrity trademarks? Check out our two-part series to find out.

Professional Concerns

– I wonder if Macy’s will have a parade of candidates for its senior counsel position.

– If you want to be legal counsel here, you should Appl(e)y.

– Surely you’re interested in being an adjunct law professor at LaVerne.

– The American College of Chest Physicians is looking for general counsel. It’s not chest another job!

– Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

– If you upload an image to social media, are you granting that company a sublicense to your copyrighted work? The same court answered both yes and no to very similar cases within just a couple months.

– What is the best way to ensure a winning trademark strategy in the restaurant industry? Come join Alt Legal and Panda Restaurant Group’s GC and IP counsel for a webinar on September 24th to find out!

– Correct specimens are necessary for trademark registration. Read all about how to make your specimens spectacular!

– If you have ever represented a dot com, USPTO v. affects your practice. Join Alt Legal and’s attorney Jonathan Moskin to hear about how he defended the trademark and the implications of the case.

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