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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 197

Bri Van Til | July 14, 2020
2 min read

Feel the Beat

– Metallica and the band’s co-manager Cliff Burnstein have been acquiring IP rights to various song catalogs, including tons of classic rock.

– Eminem’s publisher is alleging that Spotify and Harry Fox Agency falsified documents and conspired to conceal a copyright infringement scheme favoring Spotify to the detriment of music publishers.

– Kanye West has filed a trademark application for WEST DAY EVER, listing over 150 different articles of clothing in the goods and services.

Adult Entertainment

– How can your clients prevent their trademarks from being infringed with .xxx and other adult top-level domains?

– A recent TTAB precedential opinion is complicating trademark registration for CBD companies and products. For tips on managing cannabis, hemp, and CBD trademark applications, check out the recording of Jessica Gonzalez’s webinar and join us in October to hear Shabnam Malek and Amanda Conley speak at Alt Legal Connect.

– What can the Mustang Ranch Brothel teach us about naked licensing? Also, I didn’t make this up.

– The Federal Court in Canada showed they aren’t kidding; they enjoined Herbs R Us from “adopting, using, or promoting the trademark… HERBS R US.”

– If a short-term renter uses your property to stage adult films, can you sue them for copyright infringement?


– How should you advise clients about their rebranding efforts to address cultural norms without losing goodwill? Join Jeannette Carmadella for “It’s All in the Name,” a discussion that’s part of our new Roundtable Discussion series. Seats are limited, and participation is required, so come ready to share and learn!

– The ongoing push to rename the Washington football team has been complicated by the abandonment of the WASHINGTON WARRIORS trademark and an application for WASHINGTON REDTAILS.

– Should the Franklin Pierce Law School be renamed to remove the former president’s name?

Professional Concerns

– One important factor in your professionalization is learning how to network, especially with so many in-person events being cancelled. Join Shivani Honwad for “Non-traditional Networking,” the first installment of our Roundtable Discussion series. Like with the above, seats are limited and participation is mandatory, but sign up to discuss this topic.

– Speaking of non-traditional networking, don’t forget to be social this week at Alt Legal’s virtual happy hour and to join our social media webinar this week.

– Microsoft has an opening (might you call it a window?) for legal counsel, or you can RELX and just apply to be senior technology counsel here.

– Trustpoint.One is looking for one trustworthy IP paralegal.

– The Mom Project has the mother lode of all openings: they’re looking for patent counsel.

– Apple is looking for unscripted production counsel. Too bad I’m not a lawyer; I’m pretty much always unscripted!

– Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

– Ferrari just lost its EUIPO trademark for the shape of its 250 GTO model.

– Meet Sam Mazzeo in our latest installment of Quarantine Connections and hear about the struggles he faced trying to start his firm during this pandemic, how his firm has promoted racial justice, and more.

– “Likelihood of confusion” office actions can be a pain. Learn all about DuPont factors and how to respond to those pesky 2(d) refusals.

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