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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 193

Bri Van Til | June 17, 2020
2 min read

Protesting Racism

– Since the protests began, there have been several trademark applications for “I CAN’T BREATHE.”

– Other trademark applications related to the protests include one man’s attempt to own “GEORGE FLOYD,” though the application was recently withdrawn.

– Ultimately, while there are many opportunistic applications related to the protests, there are also a few that signal attempts to address police brutality and promote equality.

– Many organizations have felt driven to promote diversity and have hired outside consultants to fill the role; Fox Rothschild instead promoted a partner on their IP team to fill this role.

(Alleged) Infringement

– Four large publishing companies are suing the Internet Archive for copyright infringement because of its National Emergency Library. The Archive announced that it would close the Library as a result of the suit.

– Google is countersuing Sonos for patent infringement.

– Apple and Samsung are both facing patent infringement claims over their touchscreen interfaces.

– The Ninth Circuit affirmed a district court’s ruling that trademark disputes without claims for actual damages or royalties are not afforded the right to a jury trial by the Seventh Amendment.

No Fun to Stay with the DMCA

– Don Henley told Congress that copyright laws need to change to protect the next generation of artists.

– A recent Copyright Office study found that the DMCA favors service providers, not artists.

– This author argues that President Trump should promote a revamping of the DMCA to help protect his own tweets.

– What is the relationship between the DMCA and the free press?

– Microsoft has filed a DMCA complaint against Ninjutsu OS, a software tool that heavily modifies Windows 10 to remove “annoying” features in the OS.

Professional Concerns

– Put in your bid to become commercial counsel at eBay. But, like, I don’t think you need to pay them to get a job there.

– MGM is looking for senior counsel for scripted TV, and they’d like to have dialogue with you about it.

– Intellectual Ventures is looking for someone to manage their licensing programs. How elite does it sound to say that you work for Intellectual Ventures?

– This general counsel position is OnPoint.

– Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

 Odds and Ends

– The USPTO may seek additional funding because of the pandemic.

– While many argue that IP theft is a victimless crime, it has often been linked to other, more serious crimes.

– The Senate is considering legislation to punish companies who steal IP from US companies.

– Don’t forget to join us for “Up in Smoke: How to Protect Cannabis Brands” this Thursday at 4 ET and for our weekly virtual happy hour immediately after.

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