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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 191

Bri Van Til | June 03, 2020
2 min read

Just to Clarify…

– The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that irrespective of the statute of limitations, copyright damages are limited to three years before filing of the lawsuit.

– Can the name of an open-source project be protected by a trademark? If so, what are the parameters?

– As we’ve mentioned in this newsletter, the Ninth Circuit recently declared that the Bad Spaniels chew toy did not infringe on Jack Daniel’s trademarks because their use was protected by the First Amendment. In this article, Acuminis partner Christian Liedtke argues that this precedent erodes trademark rights. Liedke and INTA are seeking an en banc review of the decision.

– Can stores’ billboards include trademarked logos of the brands they sell?

Professional Development

– Alt Legal Connect is going virtual! This means two amazing things: 1. we now have more capacity, and 2. tickets are way cheaper. Use the discount code “newsletter” to get 20% off.

– If you haven’t already signed up for Caroline Fox’s webinar about how to find your own niche for your law practice, we still have slots available. Come join us!

– Whether or not it’s your niche, cannabis trademarks are smokin’. Come hear Jessica Gonzalez talk about this hot topic with huge growth POTential.

– How can tech help you build and maintain client relationships? Come to Firm Forward’s webinar to learn more.

Hey Sports Fans!

– The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan has removed from its website an image that combines the logo of the Tokyo Olympics with imagery related to COVID-19 after the Olympic committee alleged copyright infringement.

– Manchester United is suing the developers of Football Manager for trademark infringement.

– UFC has filed four trademark applications for UFSEA following John Oliver’s satirical suggestion that UFC rename Fight Island to UFSea. Oliver responded in this week’s episode, where he dug into UFC’s trademarks.

– MMA star Conor McGregor’s EUIPO application to trademark his name for use in clothing has been rejected because of a likelihood of confusion with the McGregor clothing brand.

– The University of Iowa says a woman’s Hawkeye masks on Etsy infringe the University’s trademark, but she counters that she buys licensed fabrics from JoAnn’s and pays a premium for them.

Professional Concerns

– Kia is looking for counsel. That’s a key, uh, member of their team. Also, did you Evernote that this company needs privacy and product counsel?

– Match Group wants you to apply to be their corporate counsel. You know. If you’re a good match.

– Prudential is looking for corporate counsel. Apply if you think it’s prudent. What are the chances that they call their employees Prudes?

– Masur Griffitts Avidor is seeking an associate attorney.

– Have an open role on your team? Send a link to your job listing to, and we’ll publish it in our next newsletter.

Odds and Ends

– In honor of Pride Month, here’s a list of IP owners who are openly members or allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.

– As more people use and refer to the platform, is Zoom racing to genericide?

– Some COVID-19-related fee extensions and fee waivers ended on May 31st, but others have been extended.

– Looking for a break from the daily grind? Join us on Thursday at 5 ET for our weekly virtual happy hour!

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