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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 171

Bri Van Til | January 14, 2020
2 min read

Watch Out!

– Med tech company Masimo says the Apple Watch infringes on 10 of its patents and that the company stole vital trade secrets when it hired former Masimo employees.

– Meanwhile the USITC is investigating Fitbit and Garmin for allegedly violating Philips’s patents.

– While many companies define counterfeits as products made to look like theirs but produced by other companies, Rolex apparently considers any alterations or modifications of their watches that include non-Rolex parts to also be counterfeit.

– This is a case to watch: both parties involved in the recent Arthrex, Inc. v. Smith & Nephew, Inc. case are asking the US Court of Appeals to rehear the case.

Big Money

– YouTubers are facing $6000 in penalties for alleged copyright violations with their reaction videos.

– Volvo has been awarded over $2 million in a trademark infringement case against dozens of Chinese counterfeiters.

– Wells Fargo has been ordered to pay the United Services Automobile Association (USAA) $102.8 million for patent infringement.

– Internet service provider Cox Communications was ordered to pay a $1 billion fine for its users’ copyright infringement.

The Great Outdoors

– VW’s newest trademark application, “Basecamp,” will apparently protect the name of a rugged SUV for outdoors enthusiasts.

– The controversy over outdoors and sporting goods retailer’s cease and desist letters offers some valuable lessons for trademark owners.

– An Australian aboriginal group is applying to trademark “Gumby Gumby,” which means “woman woman medicine,” and the group is seeking royalties because members say they invented bungee jumping.

Odds and Ends

– Mastercard has released a new single as part of its branding. Curious about sonic and other nontraditional trademarks? Attend Ed Timberlake’s talk at Alt Legal Connect!

– The New York MTA says a customer who created his own maps of the transit system is violating their copyright by selling the maps.

– If your own caseload isn’t serious enough, you can play this online game where you play the role of an overworked city lawyer.

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