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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 167

Bri Van Til | December 03, 2019
2 min read

Get Your Drink on

– A few weeks ago we mentioned that Brexit had brought an increase in trademark applications for spirits, but beer trademarks are also on the rise in the UK.

– You can drive an Aston Martin, and apparently you can now also drink an Aston Martin. Don’t they know it’s not okay to drink and drive?

Joseph A. Magnus & Co is suing another whiskey manufacturer for trademark infringement for using both the word Magnus and a similar logo.

Pharma’s Market

– This firm argues that the recent Federal Circuit decision in Idenix Pharmaceutical v. Gilead Sciences may invalidate over-broad pharmaceutical claims in patents.

– Democratic presidential hopefuls weigh in on pharmaceutical patents, medical costs, and patient rights.

– Where should the line be between protecting pharmaceutical companies’ patents and saving patients’ lives?

David and Goliath Battles

– An Atlanta mom is suing Target, alleging their newest line Good & Gather infringes on her Garnish & Gather trademark for a grocery and meal kit delivery service.

–, which infamously sued small companies for including backcountry in their branding, is facing a boycott of their products.

– Disney may or may not have been behind Giphy’s removal of Baby Yoda gifs, but the gifs are back now, safe and sound.

– Bentley Motors was ordered to pay half a million dollars plus legal fees for infringing the trademark of a small British clothing company.

Odds and Ends

– WWE star Cody Rhodes has applied for all the trademarks: Dusty Rhodes, SuperBrawl, Slamboree, Bash at the Beach. Apparently he was “up all night trademarking stuff.”

– In an attempt to remedy the problem created by the Anthrex decision, Congress seems likely to pass legislation to authorize the Director of the USPTO to review any PTAB decision.

Rihanna is suing her dad for, among other things, trademark infringement.

– A Massachusetts lawyer was formally reprimanded for a Facebook post about an unnamed client.

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