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Alt Legal IP News – Issue # 164

Bri Van Til | November 14, 2019
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Faking It

– Can blockchain technology be used to create an audit trail for legitimate goods and help expose fakes?

– This article highlights the dangers of counterfeit goods—from unsafe fake medications to funding terrorism.

Christian Dior filed suit against several retailers selling counterfeit Dior products on online platforms.


– This illustrated book uses objects to tell the story of intellectual property protection. You can buy the book from the publisher here.

– The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about whether is too generic to trademark.

– In an effort to make their course more affordable, NYU professors released their textbook for free. You can check out their trademark textbook here.

At the Arcade

– Ms. Pac Man was created almost 40 years ago (feel old yet?) and the licensing of the video game is still causing headaches, confusion, and royalty battles.

– A recent patent from Sony suggests the electronics company may be creating a Switch-like gaming console.

– Trademark attorney Owen S. Good says not to take too much stock in video game companies’ trademark applications.

Odds and Ends

– James Dean may have died decades ago, but that won’t prevent him from co-starring in a new film.

– A recent trademark application hits particularly close to home since every time I say something that makes me sound old or outdated, my teen replies, “OK, Boomer.”

– Check out our latest Beyond the Docket interview with Stephanie Pottick, IP attorney and Elmo voice aficionado.

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