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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #137

Justin Wickersham | April 30, 2019
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Mad Scientists

– A “science-focused” company wants to protect their invention, which to most people seems a lot like a spliff.

– MD Anderson Cancer Center has dismissed three scientists due to espionage concerns.

– The Justice Department is reviewing the government’s lack of patent enforcement against Gilead, the maker of an HIV treatment drug.

Snack Time

– The owner of an Icelandic chain of supermarkets no longer holds the EU trademark registration for “Iceland.”

– Christina Tosi, founder of Milk Bar in NYC, is suing JoJo’s Milk Bar in Chicago for trademark infringement.

– PepsiCo sued 4 Indian farmers for cultivating patented potatoes. The company immediately also offered to settle with the farmers.

Social Media

– Twitter removed one of the president’s tweets due to copyright infringement.

– Even though copyright law has failed some creatives, social media has led to increased accountability and transparency.

– Ready for phones with wraparound displays?

 Odds and Ends

– Off-White is claiming to have common law trademark rights for the use of quotation marks.

– Check out this deep dive on color as a trademark.

– Last week I included a story about counterfeit Legos. The counterfeit company was using blueprints and had over 600,000 finished sets seized.

– Universal Music was denied a trademark registration for “As Heard on TV.”

– Amazon is trying a new tactic to combat counterfeiting and infringement: they are bringing on lawyers for sellers.

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