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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #135

Justin Wickersham | April 16, 2019
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Most Popular

– Yesterday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Iancu v. Brunetti. Check out a summary here and the full transcript here.

– Kim Kardashian plans to become a lawyer without going to law school.

– Patagonia claims that Anheuser-Busch’s new Patagonia beer rips off their branding elements.

Ongoing Disputes

– The multi-billion dollar Apple v. Qualcomm patent trial is about to begin.

– Two pillow makers are disputing similarities in advertising and packaging.

– Some intellectual property disputes may be moving to a new venue.

Games, Toys, and Songs

– The TTAB sustained an opposition by Cards against Humanity against Vampire Squid Cards for their product Crabs Adjust Humidity.

– Lego successfully canceled the trademark of a Chinese imitator, Lepin.

– In the wake of a settlement that put the “Happy Birthday” song in the public domain, several other songs are now making their way through the courts on similar grounds.

 Odds and Ends

– A serial trademark filer is claiming he is “the best troll.”

– Some patent applications reveal pop-up phone screens might be in our future.

– The PTAB is issuing some interesting decisions on cannabis patents.

– A tweet by EFF complaining about a DMCA request was hit with its own DMCA takedown request. The EFF countered that “reporting about copyright infringement is not infringement.”

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