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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #133

Justin Wickersham | April 02, 2019
< 1 min read

Hot Topics

– Cardi B may face some drag queen opposition while trying to register “okurrr” as a trademark.

– Warner Bros’ trademark application for a Harry Potter quote was denied.

– Olivia Jade, one of the children involved in the college admission scandal, received an office action for poor punctuation in her trademark application.

Cutting Edge Technology

– Technology is reshaping the cannabis industry.

– 3D printing has created unique problems for intellectual property owners and potential infringers.

– In honor of March Madness, these are some of basketball’s famous patents.

Play the Hits

– Here is a brief history of copying in songs, starting in 1722.

– After the “Blurred Lines” litigation, some songwriters are nervous about creating new music.

– Ariana Grande signed away 90% of the songwriting royalties for one of her recent singles.

 Odds and Ends

– These 32 women changed all of our lives, even in small ways. Even though women have been long overlooked, they are getting more patents now than ever.

– Dum-Dums won a victory over a lollipop rival with confusingly similar packaging.

– The Supreme Court will not review the case involving the Nike “Jumpman” logo.

– 13 members of the European Parliament may have incorrectly cast votes on the controversial Copyright Directive.

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