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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #123

Justin Wickersham | January 22, 2019
< 1 min read

High Times

– What is the future of weed?

– You can’t compare apples to cannabis.

– Thai officials are striking down foreign firms’ medical marijuana patent applications.

Rule Makers

– A federal judge is unsealing court records that may reveal a patent troll’s complex machinations.

– Amid trade talks, a White House advisor is continuing to receive Chinese trademark registrations.

– Canada’s new trademark rules are almost here.

Famous Friends

– A DJ was granted a trademark registration for “6IX,” despite opposition from Drake.

– Rihanna is suing her father over the name of his entertainment company.

– Does Kylie Jenner have a trademark problem? Check out her application here.

 Odds and Ends

– Do you ever wish you could go back to the days when you had a Motorola Razr?

– PepsiCo and a moonshine distillery are disputing the rights to use the phrase “Mountain Dew.”

– A new fashion exhibit raises some interesting questions about gray areas in IP and how IP can be a force for good.

– Trade talks between the US and China are falling short of solving some IP issues.

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