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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #119

Justin Wickersham | December 18, 2018
< 1 min read

Sing It

– Disney’s trademark registration for Hakuna Matata is causing Swahili speakers to discuss cultural appropriation.

– The use of a 2-second clip of a Kraftwerk song may constitute copyright infringement in the EU.

– After over 5 years, the Blurred Lines copyright lawsuit is finally over, with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams owing about $5 million.

Men, Women, and Baes

– Old Bay isn’t too happy with a startup’s New Bae spice mix.

– India may soon expedite the patent application process for female inventors.

– GE is getting ideas for new product lines and trademark applications from SNL.

Up to No Good

– The government is hoping to strip a biker gang of a trademark registration for their insignia. Now that the gang has been found guilty of racketeering, the government is one step closer.

– Could Amazon’s new patent be used to build a “suspicious persons database?”

– Facebook may know where you are going before you do.

 Odds and Ends

– In late November, Jay-Z attempted to halt arbitration in an ongoing trademark case, citing lack of diversity. Jay-Z has withdrawn the motion after arbitrators indicated an openness to alter processes and introduce more diversity.

– Gavin McGinnis, the founder of the white nationalist group The Proud Boys, has been banned from YouTube for copyright infringement.

– This is an interesting look at the downfall of Shipping & Transit, a company that was once the largest filer of patent lawsuits.

– Need a gift for an intellectual property lover in your life? Check out this guide.

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