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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #114

Justin Wickersham | November 13, 2018
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Water Cooler Talk

– NASA patents aren’t just for use in space. They are also available to business owners.

– The USPTO named a new Deputy Director.

– Salesforce is going to try to use blockchain technology to identify spam emails.

Music Business

– Lorde is alleging that Kanye and Kid Cudi stole her set design. Kanye’s set designer has refuted this claim by posting images of a similar set she designed in 2007.

– A diner is being sued for hosting live performances and karaoke without the proper licenses.

– 24-Carat Black were sampled by some of the world’s biggest artists, and they are still broke.

YouTube, Fake Money, & Jeff Koons

– YouTube has paid over $3 billion to copyright owners identified by their anti-piracy tool, Content ID.

– An Israeli bank was successful in their claims of copyright infringement against counterfeiters.

– A Paris court found Jeff Koons guilty of plagiarizing a 1985 ad campaign.

 Odds and Ends

The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts, who are soon to be the Scouts BSA.

– A new initiative by ChIPs is seeking gender parity in intellectual property practices by surveying the efforts being made to include and advance women.

– The US is teaming up with Taiwan to fight IP theft.

– The Acting Attorney General was previously involved with World Patent Marketing, a company that scammed thousands of dollars from inventors.

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