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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #112

Justin Wickersham | October 30, 2018
2 min read

A Window Into the Future

– A Canadian artist has come up with a way for machines to create art using artificial intelligence.

– Apple was just recently granted a patent for technology to increase the speed and efficiency of 3D printing.

– With facial recognition software becoming more popular, it raises a question as to who owns the copyright to your face.

– TVs may soon be transparent. Samsung recently applied for a trademark in the EU for “The Window.”

Checks and Balances

– The U.S. Copyright Office revised the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to make it easier for people to repair their devices.

– The United States Supreme Court granted certiorari in two intellectual property cases. The first addresses the definition of “full cost” in the Copyright Act, and the second considers whether or not the United States government can challenge the validity of a USPTO patent.

– USPTO director Andrei Iancu recently gave a speech highlighting some of the major changes he wants to make as director of the patent office. This includes changing the structure and procedures of the PTAB. Read his speech here.

– Did our founding fathers predict the outcome of a major patent case over two hundred years ago?

Kings and Queens of Pop

– Prince’s estate filed a trademark application for the late singer’s favorite shade of purple.

– Michael Jackson’s estate recently filed to renew his logo, causing speculation that new songs might be released.

– Nicki Minaj is being sued for copyright infringement by Tracy Chapman for sampling a song without Chapman’s permission.

Odds and Ends

– There is a windowless bunker at Disney that houses about 65 million items related to Disney intellectual property.

– Some apple varieties have their own trademark management companies.

– A long time ago the value of pi was almost changed to 3.2 and copyrighted by the Indiana General Assembly.

– Just in time for Halloween, here are some interesting pop-culture knockoff costumes!

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