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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #111

Justin Wickersham | October 23, 2018
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– A new proposal may require foreign trademark applicants to have a US licensed attorney to file with the USPTO. View the proposal here.

– Chief Justice John Roberts talked trademarks.

– A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled that annotations to the state’s legal code are “intrinsically public domain material.”

– Empirical data can reveal interesting patterns in the Supreme Court’s docket.

Celebrity Smorgasbord

– Kevin Hart settled a trademark dispute over the phrase “Laugh Out Loud.”

– Colin Kaepernick is seeking trademark rights for an image of himself.

– Hailey Baldwin filed a trademark application for “Hailey Bieber.”

Degrees of Enforcement

– Halston is suing Calvin Klein over similar dress designs that Halston alleges are being passed off as “authentic.”

– What is the soft cost of aggressive trademark enforcement?

– NASA is licensing its patent portfolio to try to achieve the widest possible distribution of technology.

 Odds and Ends

– One of the world’s best selling drugs, Humira, no longer has patent protection in the EU.

– The widow of John Delorean cannot undo a previous settlement giving up royalties fromBack to the Future.

– If there were a competition for the cutest patent holder, these two brothers might win.

– YouTube’s CEO is urging protests of the EU’s new controversial copyright law.

– Bloomberg previously reported that China was using microchips to steal intellectual property. Apple’s CEO is calling for a retraction of the story.

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