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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #101

Hannah Samendinger | August 14, 2018
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You’re a Character

– Disney may have to go to trial if they want to continue their fight to prevent knockoff characters from appearing at birthday parties.

– Disney also may oppose a Black Panther-themed cryptocurrency.

– A producer hoped the public domain would allow him to bring a favorite character to the big screen, but he is now in a fight that may impact the future of copyright protection.

Putting up a Fight

– Nike’s copyright protection team worked with the NYPD and ICE to bust a bootleg Air Jordan ring. At least five people were arrested for trafficking the counterfeit shoes.

– Here’s a story of how one startup brand fought a global fight against infringers.

– Is Nintendo using copyright law to erase video game history?

– Graffiti artists are fighting back against brands that steal their works.

Pay to Play

– Should common law copyright for pre-1972 sound recordings be taken more seriously?

– Cardi B filed a trademark application for her daughter’s name, an increasingly commoncelebrity trend.

– Royalties are complex, and this article breaks down how musicians ultimately make money (or don’t).

 Odds and Ends

– MoMaCha is expanding, despite ongoing infringement claims.

– Cars had many terrible names before being called automobiles.

– Most famous brands have recognizable logos, but they also often have more subtle brand archetypes.

– What are the economics of failed trademark applications in the US?

– Video game mods are changing the intellectual property game and launching some games out of obscurity.

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