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Alt Legal and Corsearch LiveThe AI Brandwagon: Why AI is becoming so popular for trademark practice

Alt Legal Team | January 24, 2024
2 min read

With the increasing influence of AI on our daily lives, it naturally seeps into the field of trademarks as well. We can see the impact of the proliferation of AI technology on the laws, rights, and regulations surrounding the lifecycle of trademarks, with more changes seeming to pop up every day. As AI technology evolves and laws and ethical standards adapt to keep up, trademark attorneys are left to wonder what the technology means and how it will impact their work. In this panel, Matt Rubin of Corsearch will moderate a discussion between trademark attorneys Vivek Jayaram and Jessica Neer McDonald. The three will discuss:

  • The history of AI in trademarks
  • Creation, clearance and protection of trademarks using AI
  • Ethical concerns when using AI in trademarks
  • The impact of AI technology on the trademark industry
  • Predictions about the future of AI technology

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Matt Rubin, Moderator, Corsearch

Matthew Rubin is based in New York and has been with Corsearch for nearly 19 years.  He is currently a Commercial Executive where he evangelizes their suite of products and services to new and existing customers, a department he has been a part of since 2019.  Matthew started at Corsearch in 2005 as a Trademark Researcher, eventually managing the North American Operations department. Since then he has led the customer-facing Product Support and Training team, educating customers on optimizing their use of Corsearch’s suite of services


Vivek Jayaram, Founder, Jayaram Law

Vivek Jayaram is an attorney. But as Founder of Jayaram Law, he’s also a successful entrepreneur, which gives him a sound base for advising other entrepreneurs, creatives, and the companies they run. From groundbreaking artists and Web 3.0 innovators, to unique international brands in fashion and new media, Vivek handles their intellectual property transactions and disputes, corporate deals, and acts as an outside general counsel.


Jessica Neer McDonald, Founder, Neer McD PLLC

Jessica Neer McDonald is the founder and head of the Miami-based intellectual property law firm, Neer McD PLLC. Since the start of her legal career, Jessica has primarily advised on trademark, copyright, and right of publicity issues.  In particular, Jessica also serves as Head of Global Trademarks for Midjourney, Inc. Through her interest in emerging technologies, she also founded Blockish IP, an intellectual property education resource focused on emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

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