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Alt Legal’s 2023 Product Updates and Upcoming Features

Alt Legal Team | December 18, 2023
4 min read

At Alt Legal, we fundamentally believe that software should always be evolving. Our commitment to this principle means we are perpetually enhancing our platform. In fact, we have reinvested over half of our revenue back into product development

Of course, 2023 was no different for us at Alt Legal. Alt Legal introduced countless new features and updated existing features, all to make the lives of trademark professionals like you easier. The catalyst for these enhancements has always been the valuable feedback from our customers who share on how we can continue to streamline trademark management for them.

Below are some of the new features and updates that we’ve introduced throughout 2023. We’re also excited to give you a sneak preview of our 2024 product development roadmap. If you have any questions about how to best use our software, or if you would like to submit any suggestions for future updates, please contact our team using the live chat icon in the bottom right or emailing our customer success team at

Your insights are what has helped Alt Legal become a leading provider of trademark management, and we’re here to support your trademark workflow each step of the way.

Prosecution History (USPTO + CIPO)

We’ve added an extra drawer on the right-hand side of all USPTO and CIPO trademarks, where you can see the latest and historical prosecution history for the marks. This will help you easily review the most recent updates and prosecution history without having to visit the USPTO and CIPO websites.

New Fields Available

You may have noticed several new fields appearing all throughout Alt Legal. These fields include: Filing Basis, Disclaimer, and Expiration Dates on Custom Matters. These fields were thoughtfully added upon customer request and we recognize the broad use and application of these fields. We have also added a dedicated section for handling filings based on an underlying filing in another jurisdiction. We hope that the addition of these new fields helps to make your docket more informative and thorough.

Matters in Dispute

Now your dispute matters have options to add any related information on the properties in dispute. For TTAB matters, this is done automatically on docketing, and will remain updated. Additionally, it will set the dispute as a related matter on the property in dispute. You do not have to docket the property in dispute either.

Journal – Time Tracking Tool

Now available to any organization that wants to opt in, we have a new feature available to help you track time spent on a particular matter. Working like notes, you can assign a user, set the hours and minutes and the type of activity performed. If you or your organization is interested in setting up Journal along with their Alt Legal docket, please contact our support team.

Internal Docket Number Generator

We’ve implemented a rudimentary docket number generator where based on pre-defined prefixes, we can generate the next number in your preferred sequence. This is in anticipation of a much more robust docket number generator that allows for any style of docket number to support the myriad ways users wish to craft them. The internal docket number generator is available as an opt-in feature. If you’d like to opt-in, please contact our support team.

WIPO (Early Access)

In anticipation of our future WIPO full release, we’ve made an early access version available to any users that would like to participate. With this version, you’re able to associate designations with their respective WIPO record quickly and easily. It allows for a quick way to see your designations all in one place, with important information. For more information or a quick walkthrough, please contact our support team.

Docketing Rules (international docketing rules)

Docketing rules allow users to set conditions specific to their docket so that our software can automatically take action. This year, we’ve released several enhancements to our docketing rules including international docketing rules, allowing you to set conditions across your entire portfolio. Additionally, we’ve launched docketing rules that allow you to:

  • Generate new entries based on Smart Status
  • Generate recurring entries based on fixed date or on any date in the matter
  • Generate entries that recur themselves when the associated entry is recurred
  • Remove created entries once the status is removed.

Sneak Peek – Upcoming Developments for 2024

At Alt Legal, we are never done innovating. More than 50% of revenue is invested right back into our product. We merge our technology and deep knowledge of trademark law with the voice of our customers to constantly improve and expand the value of Alt Legal. In 2024, you can expect to see the same pace of innovation (if not faster) that you’ve become accustomed to with Alt Legal. In particular you’ll see new search and filtering options to make finding what you need even easier while providing more granularity to your search. You’ll see our full WIPO docketing release, which will make it even easier to manage WIPO filings, as well as continued improvements with our data and monitoring offerings like Alt Legal Trademark Protection. Have other ideas of what you’d like to see? Let us know!

Learn More – Reach Out to Alt Legal

Reach out to our customer success team at or by phone or live chat to learn more about how we can better tailor Alt Legal to your portfolio, or if you haven’t yet made the switch to Alt Legal, our sales team is happy to show you how Alt Legal compares to your current system. You can request a demo or trial here.


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