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2017 in Review: The Top 10 IP Articles

Hannah Samendinger | December 26, 2017
2 min read

With the days of 2017 waning, we decided to crunch some numbers and find the top 10 most clicked articles from our weekly newsletter. Check out the list below!

10 (tie). Can Cake Designs Result in Intellectual Property Protection?
A cake design may be beautiful (and delicious) but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily protected by intellectual property.

10 (tie). Brandless Trademarks White Space For Minimal Packaging
How do you secure intellectual property for a brandless brand?

10 (tie). USPTO Proposes Cheaper, Faster Cancellation Option
The USPTO explored a cheaper and easier method of canceling trademark registrations.

10 (tie). Big Law Associate Goes Viral After Scrubbing Subway Hate
A big law attorney doing good by removing anti-semitic graffiti on the subway went viral.

9. TGI Fridays Won’t Sue MONEYGUN Over Pop-Up, Sends Them Flair
TGI opted to send flair instead of harsh words in their cease and desist request.

8. If You Sell on Amazon, a Fake Law Firm Could Make You Stop
Another fake law firm cost some entrepreneurs up to $200k by filing bogus complaints against their Amazon stores.

7 (tie). What Happens When A Big-Name Author Is Sued For Copyright Infringement?
What happens when an unpublished author sues a big-time author for copyright infringement?

7 (tie). Suing the Trump
This lawsuit against the US, Secret Service, and Trump for patent infringement, copyright infringement, and attempted murder seeks tax relief for “the rest of time” and “for the stress… a full body massage” daily for the rest of the plaintiff’s life.

6. Supreme Court Strikes Down Rule Against Disparaging Trademarks
After a long battle, the Slants were victorious in their efforts to strike down the rule against disparaging trademarks.

5. Netflix Ends Unauthorized ‘Stranger Things’ Bar With A Super Classy Letter
Netflix played it very cool with this cease and desist to a Stranger Things themed bar.

4 (tie). Small Transylvania Brewer Stood Up to a Beer Giant, and Survived
An interesting story about a small brewer that stood up to a beer giant and survived.

4 (tie). USPTO Trademark Filings Reflect American Culture: WOKE Filings Have Awoken
This year, in response to some despicable acts and characters, American culture because more woke and so did trademark filings.

4 (tie). Fake Law Firm Misappropriated Practitioners’ Identities To Deceive Inventors: Complaint
A fake law firm used practitioner’s identities to deceive inventors and get access to their patent subject matter.

3 (tie). Registration v. Application: A Copyright Circuit Split
This is an interesting read on the registration versus application copyright circuit split.

3 (tie). Matthew Swyers (The Trademark Company) Excluded from Practice Before USPTO
The owner of the Trademark Company, a heavy trademark application filer, was excluded from practice before the USPTO.

Someone accidentally abandoned their trademark application.

1. Birkenstock CEO Slams Amazon’s New Buying Program as an ‘Assault on Decency’
Birkenstock stopped selling on Amazon last year due to a surge in counterfeits, but after a recent adjustment in one of Amazon’s policies, Birkenstock’s CEO wrote a blistering email to Amazon.

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