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18 IP Professionals to Follow in 2018

Alt Legal Team | December 19, 2017
5 min read

We love everything Intellectual Property, so we gathered 18 IP professionals we think you should follow in 2018.


1. Ed Timberlake @TimberlakeLaw

One of the CLASSiest former U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and Copyright Examiner turned trademark attorney always has the GOODS on all things IP.

Proof of Use

2. Roberto Ledesma @ProofofUse

Roberto is a former Trademark Examiner at the United States Patent & Trademark Office turned trademark attorney and founder of the blog Proof of Use.

Trademark Blog

3. Marty Schwimmer @TrademarkBlog

Founded by Marty Schwimmer, The Trademark Blog is one of the most respected blogs on all things trademark.

The Fashion Law

4. The Fashion Law @TheFashionLaw

This is your source for all things fashion law and the business of fashion. The Fashion Law was founded by Julie Zerbo, who also writes the “WWD Law Review” for Women’s Wear Daily.


5. Likelihood of Confusion @likely2confuse

A blog on trademark, copyright, and Internet law penned by Ron Coleman, who is also notable for representing The Slants.


6. The TTABlog @TTABlog

Run by John Welch, founder of The TTABlog, this is one of the longest-running and most respected trademark blogs on all things Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.


7. Gene Quinn @ipwatchdog

Founder of IPWatchdog, Gene is an authority on software patentability and U.S. patent procedure.


8. Amanda Levendowski @levendowski

Amanda is a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the @nyulaw Technology Law and Policy Clinic. She also pens many interesting articles on copyright and technology.


9. Bob Ambrogi @bobambrogi

Bob is the founder of Law Sites Blog and an expert on legal technology, ethics, and more.


10. Sarah Burstein @design_law

An Associate Professor of Law at @UofOklahomaLaw, Sarah is an authority on design patents. You can find some of her work here.


11. Her Mavenship @pchestek

Pamela Chestek is an expert in trademark, copyright, open source, advertising, and marketing law. Check out her blog, Property, intangible.


12. Matthew Hintz @mhintzesq

Matthew is an expert in trademark and copyright counseling. You might recognize him around-He is active within the IP community and speaks frequently on IP topics.


13. Alexandra J. Roberts @lexlanham

Alexandra is an entertainment law professor at @UofNH and an expert on trademarks in pop culture, intellectual property, and contracts.


14. Erik Pelton @tm4smallbiz

Erik is a former examiner at the USPTO and is a well-respected blogger in the community. Needless to say, he is an expert on trademarks. Check out his blog, here.


15. Joshua S. Jarvis @JSJEsq

A partner at @FoleyHoag, Josh focuses on trademark, copyright, domain name, and social media. If he seems oddly familiar, it’s probably because he’s singing along in the “Don’t Say Velcro” viral video.


16. The Trademark Ninja @TheTMNinja

A former Radio Presenter turned solicitor and trademark expert, follow him to receive his tweets on EU, Ireland, and UK trademarks. You can also see his posts on trademarks here.


17. Bruno Tarabichi @TrademarkWell

Founder of the blog, Trademark Well, Bruno is an attorney who specializes in IP litigation and trademark law. You can tune into his blog here.


18. Rolf Claessen @rclaessen

An expert in all aspect of intellectual property, Rolf handles both patents and trademark matters in Germany. He’s also a Youtuber, which you can find here.

Honorable Mentions (but we think you should definitely follow anyways):

ABA-IPL Women in IP @aba_ipl_wip
EIN Patents News @EINPatentsNews
US Copyright Office @CopyrightOffice
ABA-IPL @abaipl
The USPTO @uspto
IP-Watch @ipwatch
Brilliant Ads @Brilliant_Ads (Not so much a professional but still an awesome Twitter handle to geek out on.)

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