Alt Legal: Trademark and Patent Docketing Software

Why lawyers love Alt Legal

Amy Sullivan Cahill
Cahill IP, PLLC
Owner and Attorney

Automatic Docketing and Reports

“I almost never have to spend attorney time on docketing...Alt Legal handles the docketing and puts all my deadlines on my calendar. I then use the weekly status emails to plan my days and distribute work.”

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David Schnider
Nolan Heimann, LLP

Setup in Minutes

”It was fantastic. I had assumed that I would have to move in all my trademarks. Instead, I just logged in, and everything was there. I was able to use it immediately.”

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Sonia Lakhany
Owner, Lakhany Law, PC
Attorney (Emory Law)

Auto Complete Trademark Apps

"The most important feature to me is the intake form. I send my clients a branded form through Alt Legal, and my clients complete the information needed for me to prepare the trademark app...I can automatically transfer the client's entries directly into USPTO trademark apps... The process is so smooth for my clients that they are very pleased―I receive a lot of compliments from them about this."

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Suzann Moskowitz
Owner at The Moskowitz Firm
Attorney (Stanford Law)

Intuitive Design and Autotracking

"[Alt Legal’s] trademark auto-tracking works really well, and the interface makes it simple to look at the page and quickly know what's happening next. I don't feel like I'm hunting for the right button to push."

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About Alt Legal

Alt Legal’s intuitive cloud-based software makes it easy to prepare and manage intellectual property. Our software is trusted by IP boutiques, Am Law 200 firms, and in-house legal departments to handle hundreds of thousands of filings daily. Our trademark and patent docketing software automatically updates case statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key client details, and instantly generates IP filings.

Our mission is to create an alternative and better way to practice IP law. We seek clever solutions to eliminate the repetitive, tedious, and riskiest parts of IP practice.

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