Transform your expectations of global trademark portfolio management

Alt Legal’s reputation for its intuitive trademark docketing platform, expansive automations, and direct connections to the USPTO and CIPO is now extending to the global stage with integration of CompuMark’s database covering 180+ global trademark offices.

Why Alt Legal?

It’s simple. We make trademark professionals' lives easier with a feature-rich, intuitive docketing platform that saves you time and reduces the potential for human error. Here are just a few ways we help.


Make the move from static to dynamic records! Select a jurisdiction, type in an application or registration number, and watch our system seamlessly capture and fill in all available trademark data from USPTO, CIPO and 180+ global jurisdictions. We go a step further with USPTO trademark filings through our direct TSDR integration automatically tracking and docketing filings associated with relevant correspondent emails.

Alt Legal’s algorithms interpret the impact of new data available for docketed trademark matters. With direct connections to the USPTO and CIPO, our system will automatically update records with new data, as well as generate new deadlines. Due to the third-party nature of our connections to the other 180+ IP offices, we give you the power to approve or reject new data prior to the record being updated.

Daily Email Updates and Calendar Sync

Stay current on your entire docket without ever having to log in. Alt Legal automatically sends consolidated daily emails notifying responsible attorneys and paralegals of upcoming deadlines and other important changes to their dockets.

Quick Reports and Personalized Email Templates

Create and download intelligently formatted Excel reports with just a few clicks, or further customize with our intuitive menu of options. You can also save frequently-used reports that dynamically update whenever you view them.

Use pre-built email templates to quickly notify clients and other key stakeholders of important milestones across the trademark lifecycle. Our system analyzes the stage of the matter, recommends a template, auto-populates matter-specific data, and then provides you with the opportunity to further personalize and edit the email from the comfort of your own email application.

Are you ready to see the platform in action?

Request a demo or trial! We will show you all of the above, plus:
  • §2(d) Trademark Watch
  • USPTO Trademark Application Tools
  • Dispute Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools

All features, customer support and data migrations are included in our base price. Move beyond what you expect from legacy docketing systems with Alt Legal’s distinctively different trademark docketing.