What is Alt Legal?

Alt Legal’s intuitive, cloud-based software is the easiest way to prepare and manage global intellectual property filings. Developed by lawyers, our software is trusted by Am Law 200 law firms, IP boutiques, solos, and in-house legal departments to handle thousands of filings every day. Alt Legal automatically updates statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key client details, and instantly generates IP filings.

What features does Alt Legal have?

Simple, powerful docketing: Easily keep track of your key dates and filings with automatic updates from IP offices, custom reporting tools, email reminders, and calendar syncing.

Secure, cloud-based intake: Effortlessly collect information for new IP applications and collaborate with your clients, colleagues, and employees with our secure online intake that is branded for your law firm.

Automated IP filings: Complete TEAS and TEAS plus trademark application forms with a just a click through our integration with USPTO filings systems. You can generate reports for copyright and patent applications just as easily.

How is Alt Legal different from other IP docketing software?

Where do we begin? First, we're modern. This means our software is easy to use, works across devices, and is cloud-based. We're also focused on automation. Most other IP docketing software was built for a time when IP offices were based on paper filings. We're designed for IP offices that have gone electronic (like the USPTO). This allows us to automatically update your cases, calculate filing deadlines, and send status updates. Second, we're customer-centric. This means that you always have access to unlimited support, training, and data migration at no additional cost. We also don't require you to sign any contracts either.

How much does it cost?

Our plans are based on the number of active matters and users. We're priced with solos and boutiques in mind. All of our plans include free and unlimited training, support, and data migration. You also have access to all of our features, including automated IP docketing, mark monitoring, and our unique TEAS integration that instantly generates trademark applications with information from client intake forms.

What kind of commitment do you require?

None. Our subscriptions are month-to-month. We don’t ask for a long-term agreement. However, we do provide a discount for annual subscriptions.

How much do you charge for support?

Nothing! All customers receive free and unlimited support. We believe that free support incentivizes the creation of user-friendly software.

If I cancel my account, how do I get my data from Alt Legal?

You can export your IP filings to Excel or a PDF at any time before you cancel your subscription.

Is Alt Legal compatible with my mobile device?

Yes, Alt Legal works on any device.

Does Alt Legal provide services directly to consumers?

No, our software is tailored to best fit the needs of legal professionals. Alt Legal reviews each account to ensure that access to our IP software is limited to legal professionals.

Do you integrate with other legal practice software?

Yes, we’ve developed a native integration with Clio’s practice management software to help further streamline your IP work. Through our integration, you can automatically calendar your docketing deadlines and instantly create new matters. You can see details here: https://www.goclio.com/features/integrations.

We’re always interested in ways to make Alt Legal more helpful for our customers, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for future integrations. You can contact us using the chat tool in the bottom right corner.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

You can sign up here and try us for free. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak with a member of our team to see how Alt Legal can help your practice, you can request a demo here.

How much does it cost to set up my account or import my data?

There is no charge. We will gladly help you set up and import your data from a spreadsheet or any other docketing software. Our team has worked with most docketing software solutions to import customer data.

How much does it cost to download my data?

Free! You may download your data at any time while you're a subscriber.

I need multiple accounts for my firm/company. Do you support that?

Yes, we are happy to accommodate multiple accounts for your firm to make it easier for you and your colleagues to collaborate on IP filings. For companies or firms that need 5 or more licenses, we also provide a discount.

How are my filings managed on my dashboard?

Your dashboard is separated into intake (new or completed forms) and docketing (filed matters) tabs. Under intake, you will see a list of all of the intake forms in progress, with the name, status, and date updated of each. Under docketing, all of your docketed IP filings will be sorted by deadline. We have a separate tool to manage patents, trademarks, TTAB proceedings, and copyrights.


Is Alt Legal secure?

All of the information that is transmitted between your browser and Alt Legal is protected with bank grade security and encrypted with modern cryptography. We also limit access to our databases to core employees and have other security measures in place that ensure the confidentiality and security of your data.

Where is my data stored?

Our servers are housed in secure U.S. data centers with electronic surveillance and multi-factor access requirements. In addition, all of your application data is snapshotted every 30 minutes, meaning that your data can be restored from the last snapshot if any data loss were to occur. Alt Legal takes several additional data snapshots at random times as an added layer of redundancy.


Can I add a docketing deadline to my calendar?

For any deadline, you can click “add to calendar” and export the date and relevant information to whichever calendar system you use: Google, iCal, or Outlook. Our software will also automatically send you email reminders leading up to relevant filing and docketed deadlines.

What is auto-tracking?

Auto-tracking automatically notifies you of new USPTO trademarks filed by you, your company, or your law firm, so that you can instantly docket them.

Do I need to manually enter my trademark data?

For US filings, we can automatically import all of filing information and instantly calculate all statutory deadlines. We are also able to retrieve some information from EUIPO and WIPO. To docket other jurisdictions, simply input the filing information. You can also send us a spreadsheet with your data, and our team will be happy to help.

Can I create and download reports?

Yes, you can search for specific marks based on any combination of the following fields: application number, registration number, and docket number, IP office, deadline period, registration status, applicant name, and literal element. You also have the option of sorting the results by applicant, deadline, IP office, or literal element. These results can then be exported to Excel, and you can customize which fields appear in your Excel report.

Intake & Assembly

I already have an intake form that I use with my clients. Why is Alt Legal better?

Our interactive client intake forms help you minimize the unnecessary back-and forth between you and your client. We've optimized our intakes using thousands of trademark filings to ensure you get the information you need from your client the first time. Your clients will love our user-friendly and intuitive design. You’ll love having a permanent record of the intake.

How do I send my clients an intake form?

It's easy. Just add clients using their names and email addresses. Fill in as much or as little of the intake as you’d like for each client, and when you’re ready, send your client an email with a secure link to access their personalized form. Your clients will log in and see your firm branding when they access the intake form.

Can I change the questions in the intake form?

You cannot change the intake form questions, but you are able to include notes or complete questions before the intake form is sent to the client. We carefully design these questions to collect the information needed for IP filings. If you think we should add, remove, or modify a question, contact us.

What do my clients see when I send them a form?

Your clients will see a page that is branded for your law firm (not Alt Legal) and includes any information that you’ve already added in the form. Our IP intake software will guide them through the intake form, and in approximately 15-20 minutes, you'll have a completed intake form from the client.

How does your IP assembly software work?

We've built innovative tools that directly interact with electronic IP filing forms to save you time. As an example, our software directly integrates with the USPTO TEAS form to automatically create trademark applications for you with just a few clicks.