The Inclusive Approach: Increasing Diversity through Mentorship

In this active and participatory workshop, Neena Speer of Neena R. Speer Law Firm will discuss the role of mentorship in diversifying the le... see more

Neena Speer

Founder of Neena R. Speer Law Firm

Post-Haste: Creating quick, effective, and share-worthy social media posts

Cultivating a social media following can be an incredibly effective means of generating business for your firm. Effective social media posts... see more

Catherine Tang

Founder of Catherine Tang, Attorney at Law

In Use, or Not In Use: That is the Question

Have you ever found a conflicting mark that you suspect isn't being used? How can you tell? In this participatory workshop, Tamara Rabenold... see more

Tamara Rabenold

CEO of Vaudra International

All Bark and No Bio?: Writing a bio that communicates who you are

Whether you are speaking at a conference, submitting a guest publication somewhere, or just trying to tell potential clients who visit your... see more

Elyssa LeFevre Chayo

Founder and CEO of Firm Forward

Link Outside the Box: Business development using LinkedIn

One question attorneys frequently ask is: "What's the best way to find new clients?" Increasingly the answer in some way involves LinkedIn.... see more

Phil Cox

Founder of Phil Cox, Business Development for IP Attorneys

Put Your Skills to the TESS: TESS search strategies and practice

TESS, the USPTO's trademark search system, is powerful but complex. Effective search strategies can make the difference between finding rele... see more

Ed Timberlake

Founder of Timberlake Law

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