Jason Foscolo

Founder of The Food Law Firm

Jason is the principal attorney at The Food Law Firm, Jason Foscolo PLLC, where he provides legal counsel to food businesses and commercial farmers. Jason’s firm provides general counsel legal services on topics such as food labeling compliance, product recall management, commercial contracts like co-packing agreements and private label agreements, and liability issues. Jason is a former Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps, where he served his country for five years and honed his legal expertise in criminal law, installation law, government ethics, and contract law. Jason lives in the Hudson Valley of New York with his wife and three kiddos. He spends his free time traveling, foraging for mushrooms (chanterelles are his favorite), cooking, hiking, gardening, and eating things across his home range of the Hudson Valley.


1:00PM - 2:10PM (ET)


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Kim Bennett

Founder of K Bennett Law