Firm Operations


Put Your Money Where Your Market Is: Where and How to Market Your Firm to Maximize ROI

12:30 PM - 1:40 PM

Between advertising, sponsorships, and events, many lawyers spend significant resources on marketing activities with the hope that they will yield new business opportunities for their firms. And yet, investing in these activities might not be a productive use of our time and money. In this session, marketing consultant Tasneem Khokha of GrowthPlay will walk you through identifying and marketing to your firm's best target audience and learning to calculate and maximize your marketing ROI. In particular, this program will equip lawyers to:

  • Evaluate marketing opportunities and create a marketing plan that aligns with business objectives
  • Execute marketing efforts to create business opportunities using simple and practical tips and tactics
  • Develop a follow-up protocol to maximize business generation and ROI


Tasneem Khokha

Managing Director at GrowthPlay