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CLE Approved

Getting into the Weeds: Cannabis Law and IP Protection

4:30PM - 5:40PM (ET)

Famed cannabis law specialists Shabnam Malek and Amanda Conley of Brand & Branch LLP will speak about the intersection of cannabis law and IP law. They'll address the peculiarities of IP protection for this budding industry and offer practical suggestions for serving these particular clients. The session will start with an overview of cannabis industry products, brands, and the retail experience—come see how things have changed since the days of the dime bag!* Then the talk will move on to the practical implications of developing and protecting a trademark portfolio in a world where federal laws exclude these clients altogether. The speakers will share secrets and tips on how to navigate this thorny world. Finally, they'll end with real-life suggestions for how to serve this industry as a trademark attorney, whether through your own firm or by starting a practice group in a larger firm. *Note that dime bags do still exist (although they are not actually a dime).


Shabnam Malek

Partner at Brand & Branch LLP

Amanda Conley

Partner at Brand & Branch LLP