Distinctively Different
Canadian Trademark Docketing

Why Alt Legal?

It’s simple. We make trademark professionals' lives easier with an intuitive platform that automates key aspects of docketing.

With Alt Legal You Can:

Reduce Human Error through Automated Data Capture

You no longer need to populate records manually. Enter an application or registration number, and Alt Legal’s software will connect to CIPO’s Canadian Trademark Database to find the record and fill in key trademark data. Alt Legal also connects to the USPTO Trademark Database for fully automated US trademark docketing and automatically calculates deadlines for over 180 jurisdictions globally.

Stay in the Know with Automated Docket Updates

Manual updates are replaced with automated updates. This includes updated statuses, deadlines, numerical data (such as application and registration numbers), dates, agents, claims, goods and services, and logos.

Hit Your Deadlines with Smart Timelines

Take advantage of smart timelines for processes that have standard milestones. Once a smart timeline is created, making a change to an associated status or deadline will automatically update existing due dates or add future items on the timeline.

Be Alerted about Important Tasks and Deadlines

Wake up each morning to one consolidated email with all of your important tasks and deadlines, customized to your docket. Subscribe to your docketing calendar to see important docketing deadlines on your calendar of choice.

Effectively Collaborate with External Stakeholders

You have the option to allow key stakeholders to access certain aspects of the system with either read-only or edit rights.