Alt Legal: Trademark and Patent Docketing Software
"I love how IP law combines marketing, technology, and an element of consumer protection."
Suzann Moskowitz
Owner at The Moskowitz Firm
Attorney (Stanford Law)
Solo firm, virtual law practice, IP, licensing, and general business

Like many intellectual property attorneys, Suzann feared that she would fall behind on updating her docket. “I was incredibly cautious, but I was always nervous that I was going to miss a deadline and that there would be a big problem,” she explained. She had tried the traditional trademark docketing software tools, but she “ran screaming from them.” One wasn’t even cloud-based, and Suzann worried about losing her data. Others had so much irrelevant information that she found them overwhelming. None of the docketing systems she tried were a good fit for her firm. And then she tried Alt Legal.

"Ultimately, I decided that I'm a modern law firm, so I should be doing things in the most modern way possible."

After a fellow attorney introduced Suzann to Alt Legal, she made the switch to our software almost immediately.

"I'm not trying to run a do-it-yourself online legal service; I'm trying to provide customized service for my clients."

Suzann loves that our software automates the most repetitive and error-prone parts of her practice so that she can focus on serving her clients. By instantly retrieving IP applications directly from government agencies, calculating deadlines, and keeping marks updated, Alt Legal makes docketing easy.

"The trademark auto-tracking works really well, and the interface makes it simple to look at the page and quickly know what's happening next. I don't feel like I'm hunting for the right button to push."

Alt Legal’s automation and ease of use assure Suzann that clients, colleagues, and partners will never miss a beat; they always know what is happening with the firm’s docket.

By having the status and deadlines of filings for colleagues and clients at her fingertips, our intuitive docketing helped Suzann create new business opportunities by being able to continuously engage clients about their filings.

But, above all, Suzann loves our round-the-clock customer support.

"I’ve never had to wait to get my questions answered using live chat, and Alt Legal is very responsive to my needs. I know that I save hours every month, but most importantly, I feel less stressed out about my docket because I know it’s updated.... Because I'm using Alt Legal, I can finally sleep!”