Susan’s Data Migration Was a Breeze, and She Feels at Ease Knowing She Won’t Miss a Deadline

Susan Chaires - trademark docketing customer
Susan ChairesOwner and AttorneyChaires & Associates

For the first thirty years Susan Chaires ran her own practice, she experimented a lot. She sometimes had legal assistants and paralegals to help her with her docketing, but she eventually came up with her own system of manual calendering to help her manage her deadlines. Given the number of new trademark applications and existing trademark maintenance deadlines she is managing, it is crucial that Susan have regular and reliable backup to ensure she does not miss any deadlines.

She had considered software for years, but she says she could never find the time to invest in researching software, let alone setting it up. Then she found Alt Legal.

With the automated docketing, I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing and receive notifications about what’s coming up

“I love how the team just set it all up for me. With the automated docketing, I can just keep doing what I’ve been doing and receive notifications about what’s coming up in the near and distant future.”

Our software has a clean and intuitive interface, but our automation means that Susan barely even needs to log in to keep her docket current. She didn’t have to spend any time setting up her account, and now we automatically detect her trademarks and add them to her portfolio. Then we send her updates and reminders to make sure she stays informed and can keep her clients in-the-know.

“Whenever I file a trademark application, receive a notice from the USPTO, or receive a trademark registration or other correspondence that has a deadline, I enter the dates on calendars I keep in my desk and on my computer. At times I have delegated the deadline documentation to an associate or a law clerk. A couple of months ago, I received an email notice from Alt Legal of a renewal that had somehow escaped being logged on my calendars. Fortunately, I received the notice in plenty of time to notify the client and make the filing deadline. Thanks to Alt Legal, I avoided a potential client relations problem.”

Like many of our customers, our automated docketing gives Susan peace of mind. She knows that we have her covered.

“I could never trust any one system 100%, even my own. But I know that if I screw up and miss adding a date to my calendar, Alt Legal will find it. I love not having to worry. Having Alt Legal really does reduce my stress.”

Making the switch has never been easier