Scott’s Onboarding and Setup Were Seamless Thanks to Alt Legal’s Automated IP Docketing

Scott Sisun - trademark docketing customer
Scott SisunFounderSisun Law

After working as a Trademark Examiner for the USPTO and practicing law in a large law firm, Scott Sisun decided to launch his own practice. He knew from his experiences that he needed docketing software, but he didn’t like the software he had used.

“When I founded Sisun Law, I shopped around for cost-effective IP docketing system alternatives. I wanted docketing software that was modern and efficient. I knew attorneys who were using Alt Legal for their IP practices, and they recommended it, so I decided to look more closely into it.”

Immediately, Scott was impressed with our software’s modern and clean interface, but ultimately it was our automation that got him hooked on our software.

I loved that Alt Legal’s docketing software automatically detected and updated the filings and their deadlines.

“Alt Legal’s platform just looked like something I was familiar with. The design felt familiar, like a lot of the more progressive non-legal and legal sites that I used. I appreciated that the software acted like a virtual paralegal, and I especially loved that Alt Legal’s docketing software automatically detected and updated the filings and their deadlines.”

Using our IP office data integration, we automatically detected his trademark filings and added then to his docket, which made signing up and getting started simple.

“From day one, my clients’ trademark portfolios were in my firm’s docket, thanks to Alt Legal. It was not a difficult procedure at all; it was pretty seamless.”

Scott enjoys the service he’s received, and he loves our team, too.

“One great feature about Alt Legal is that if I ever do have a question I can use the chat function and have my support needs immediately addressed. Also, having met a good chunk of the staff at INTA, I know the staff to be friendly, intelligent, and helpful.”

Now, being an Alt Legal customer has become a defining characteristic of Scott’s firm.

“Alt Legal has helped to streamline our firm’s intellectual property practice. All told, managing our clients’ trademark portfolio with Alt Legal’s docketing and management software feels much faster than other products I’ve used in the past. This efficiency creates additional hours for helping clients, which is ultimately the goal in any law practice.”

Making the switch has never been easier