Alt Legal’s Intuitive Design Automates Pankaj’s IP Workflow and Makes His Practice More Efficient

Pankaj Raval - trademark docketing customer
Pankaj RavalFounderCarbon Law Group, PC

Pankaj Raval had been practicing business law and running his own firm for a few years when he first heard about Alt Legal. He was manually collecting information about new trademark filings and docketing his trademark applications and registrations, but because his firm was small, this process worked okay for him.

As my practice started to grow, Alt Legal’s software became more and more important to my firm. It really helped me streamline my practice.

“I used a Google Form for intake and a spreadsheet for docketing. These tools were fine, but my practice was small. As my practice started to grow, Alt Legal’s software became more and more important to my firm. It really helped me streamline my practice.”

We made it easy for Pankaj to get started with our trademark intake and docketing software.

“It was a breeze. I know a lot of lawyers are risk-averse, and there’s a lot of hesitation to move to a new platform, but Alt Legal makes switching really simple.”

Now Alt Legal has become crucial to Pankaj’s practice. He especially loves our intake form, which uses plain-English questions to ask clients about their filings and allows Pankaj to transfer information directly into TEAS applications with just a few clicks. It helps him ensure that his clients’ information is input exactly how they want it.

“The trademark intake form helps immensely. Not only does it save us hours each week, but it also gives me peace of mind that we aren’t missing anything that the client wants. Our clients are also more engaged and are taking ownership of their filings. Additionally, because they input the information themselves, we have a written ledger and documentation of all the information they gave us.”

Another way we help make Pankaj’s practice more efficient is with our docketing. Like many attorneys, Pankaj’s firm uses redundancy to ensure data integrity, but he knows he can rely on our data because we get it directly from IP offices.

“The automated trademark docketing saves us 2-3 hours per week, easily. Moreover, we have peace of mind knowing that we have all the information about our filings in one place, easily accessible. We like being able to use Alt Legal to audit our own records, and the reminder emails are huge.”

Early on, while building his law practice, Pankaj obtained a certificate in product management from General Assembly, giving him a deep understanding of software design and development, so he knows how important it is that software be intuitive and well-designed and recognizes a good user interface when he sees it.

“Alt Legal is simple and straightforward. It’s a design that you don’t notice. Unlike a lot of legal technologies, the design doesn’t get in the way of actually getting the job done. I know from my own background how difficult it is to make something so easy to use.”

Pankaj feels a strong rapport with our team, and he loves our support.

“The team does an amazing job at responding quickly and addressing any issues that arise, which gives me confidence. They constantly provide the support and feedback that is necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly. Whenever there have been issues, they have been right on top of it making sure everything is taken care of. I recommend Alt Legal to people all the time!”

Making the switch has never been easier