Alt Legal Reduced Michelle’s Task Time by 25%

Michelle FoyTrademark ParalegalKirkland & Ellis, LLP

Michelle Foy is an IP paralegal at the international firm Kirkland & Ellis. She has managed IP filings and deadlines for over 20 years at several large and well-respected AmLaw firms. During that time, Michelle has used everything from manual docketing to an MS DOS database to CPI and Pattsy to manage firms’ dockets.

When she recently joined Kirkland & Ellis, it had just switched from a legacy IP management system to Alt Legal. Although this is her first experience using Alt Legal, she says she already loves it.

The automation is great! Now all of our US trademark deadlines are automatically calculated and our statuses are updated. There have definitely been places I’ve worked where I’ve spent 2 or more hours every morning updating deadlines and statuses, but Alt Legal manages all of that for me. I probably spend 25-30% less time managing docketing tasks. Alt Legal is such a time-saver! None of that time I spent docketing was billable to clients, so I’m relieved that by cutting it out, I’ve made the firm more efficient.

Kirkland & Ellis has over 2,000 attorneys, but when any of them files a trademark, our software automatically detects the filing and add it to the firm’s docket. Our software then sends Michelle and her colleagues alerts about changes to the filing’s status and automatically calculates statutory deadlines.

Within a few days of joining Kirkland, Michelle had already become adept at using Alt Legal to manage the firm’s global IP prosecution portfolio given its ease of use. She also recently started utilizing our opposition software.

When she enters an opposition’s status and one milestone, our software calculates all the rest for her, so even complicated TTAB deadlines stay accurate and organized.

“I love that when I change one date, it changes all the rest. It’s the greatest thing!”

At many of the firms where Michelle has worked, attorneys leave all the deadlines and the docket management to their paralegals or docket clerks, and often they need to contact them for updates about their filings’ statuses and deadlines.

“Alt Legal is a lot easier to use than the other software I’ve used. The automation makes everything simpler, and I really like that I can enter notes and create tasks.”

The reports are also easy to read. They’re more user-friendly than the software I used to use. I like seeing all the information I need in one place.

Michelle appreciates how much our docketing has simplified her daily routine. She’s also come to love working with our support team.

“The support and training have definitely been great. The live chat has been wonderful. I know that I can get help immediately when I need it, and that makes my job easier and more enjoyable!”

Making the switch has never been easier