Ed Loves Alt Legal’s Automated Trademark Docketing and Powerful Reporting

Ed Timberlake - trademark docketing customer
Ed TimberlakeTimberlake LawFormer USPTO Trademark Examiner

Unlike many IP professionals, Ed Timberlake knew exactly what he wanted to do before he even started law school. And in the almost two decades since, his passion for trademarks has never wavered. Fresh out of law school, he joined the USPTO as a Trademark Examiner. He later worked at the Copyright Office before venturing out into private legal practice. His knowledge of trademark law was vast, so he thought that he wouldn’t need especially sophisticated software to manage his trademarks. He’d also found that most IP docketing software was about the same.

“All the platforms I tried seemed like they were meant for patents, not for trademarks. Patent docketing systems try to tack on trademarks as an afterthought. Their trademark platforms aren’t specialized: they just look like a spreadsheet, and their visual style is circa 2002.”

Then he discovered Alt Legal and was immediately impressed. He loved the interface and how we focus on making fantastic trademark software.

“Initially I didn’t imagine that I needed new software. I wasn’t leaving a product that I thought was bad. I was in a good place. But I decided that it was worth shifting my behavior because Alt Legal’s software was so nicely laid out.”

In the time since then, he’s only gained more appreciation for Alt Legal.

I was thrilled to see automated trademark docketing

“I love the automation. Previously, any automation I’d seen had been for patents only, so I was thrilled to see automated trademark docketing. Another important aspect of the software is the ability to narrow down views so that data is meaningful. Instead of seeing everything, I’m able to see the data points that are relevant, so it helps me focus. I can’t overstate the significance of the ease of being able to switch back and forth between a general overview and a detailed view of just the information I need. A couple of clicks will show me whatever I want to see. I’m not just impressed with the visual design, though: attention to that part of the design seems to carry through to being able to use the software. It seems to be thoughtfully put together so that you can use it and not get a headache.”

Like all our customers, Ed also appreciates our quick, responsive, friendly support.

“I’ve had a number of dynamite interactions with the staff. I love the live chat support, and I never hesitate to use it. The ability to have a meaningful response quickly is great. Also, as my firm’s only trademark attorney, I find it enjoyable to be able to speak to others who are in the trademark space.”

Although he didn’t even think that he needed a lot of our software’s features, they’ve come to be hugely important to his practice, and he says that he brags about our software to his colleagues. Our software has simplified his practice and helped him focus his time and efforts on effectively counseling his clients.

Making the switch has never been easier