Brad Uses Our Intake Form and TEAS Integration to Help Make His Practice More Efficient

Brad RothschildFounder and PrincipalRothschild, LLC

When he first launched his firm, trademarks were not a large portion of Brad Rothschild’s practice. He used a spreadsheet to keep track of his deadlines, and that worked fine for him.

“It was relatively manageable for me because of the volume. Once I started handling even ten applications, just trying to manage all the dates and calendar and everything on my own started to feel like I was wasting time and money. As my portfolio grew, it seemed the time required to track my marks increased exponentially.”

Then we reached out to him and showed him how Alt Legal’s IP management software can simplify his practice.

I really appreciated the intuitive nature of the docketing software

“Immediately I really appreciated the intuitive nature of the docketing software. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out how to use it, and from the beginning, it was easy to incorporate it into my practice. My docket was right there, auto-populated with my filings.”

Now our software is integral to his practice. In addition to our docketing software, Brad loves our intake trademark assembly tools.

“Before I signed up for Alt Legal, I would send my clients PDFs or Word documents. Then I had to manually convert all of that information over into TEAS applications. Now I use Alt Legal’s intake software exclusively. I send my clients secure intake forms, and information is transferred to the applications with a single click. An application that would take me 30-45 minutes now takes 10 minutes or less.”

Brad loves the efficiency that our intake tools have brought to his practice, and he says they also make him feel more at ease.

Alt Legal has created dramatic efficiencies in what we do.

“Having my clients enter the information directly into the intake form cuts down on the possibility of error in transmission. It ensures I’m never going to misspell their names or mistype their addresses, so the intake cuts down on the possibility of user error. Alt Legal has created dramatic efficiencies in what we do.”

Brad has also enjoyed the level of support he’s gotten from our team.

“Everybody’s always been a pleasure. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with has been super friendly, patient, and great to deal with. I’ve never had anything approaching a negative interaction.”

Making the switch has never been easier