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Alt Legal IP News – Issue #102

Hannah Samendinger | August 21, 2018
2 min read

How You Say It

– A patent application filed by Apple suggests plans to have Siri respond differently based on the individuals’ voices.

– In-n-Out is the latest company to opt for a friendly and fun cease and desist in response to the use of their branding elements.

– Can an accusation of patent infringement constitute defamation?

Shut It Down

– Patent filers have had a rough couple of days with the core of many USPTO online systems going down inexplicably, which has a significant cost for attorneys and their clients. The USPTO is hoping everything will be back to normal sometime today.

– A Rick and Morty-themed DC bar has been shut down by Turner Broadcasting. Adult Swim issued a statement about protecting the brand and noted, “Also, it’s illegal, which we’re pretty sure still counts for something.”

– An Anish Kapoor exhibit had to be briefly shut down after a museum-goer fell into the piece. Kapoor’s use of a particular pigment, which he has exclusive rights to, is to blame.

Queens, Kings, and Prime Ministers

– Michael Jackson’s estate is not happy about Disney’s use of roughly 30 of Jackson’s songs without the estate’s permission. Disney argues it was fair use.

– The Queen of Soul died last week. One of her most famous songs, “Respect,” generated a surprisingly small amount of royalty payments for the singer.

– Lobbyist data revealed that registered copyright meetings with the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office are split 80% for rights holders groups and 20% for user groups.

 Odds and Ends

– What can the Harry Potter series teach us about copyright law?

– The expiration of a cybersex patent marks a major milestone for the $15 billion dollar adult toy industry.

– Walmart may be entering the world of virtual reality shopping.

– ROMs, which allow older games to be copied and played on more modern devices, create an interesting tension between copyright protection and the preservation of history.

– Check out this episode of Amicus that explores the landmark legal battle about plastic dolls.

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